Just about two years ago, I wrote to my mentor, Scot McKnight.  I had been studying something called The New Perspective on Paul, and being a Wesleyan-Holiness girl, I began to ask, “How does this impact the way we talk about holiness?”  So, with Scot’s guidance, I set out to write a paper.  I wanted to know, if John Wesley were around today and knew what we know about Pauline studies, how would he talk about holiness?  So I began my summer-long labor of love, and 15 or 16 thousand words later, “A Symphonic Melody: Wesleyan-Holiness Theology meets New-Perspective on Paul” was born.


Then, after writing the labor of love, Scot McKnight and Joe Modica shared that they actually were working on a project on this very subject (Paul and the Christian Life).  They shared with me that my project would be a wonderful fit for that book and that they’d love to publish it.  I read the email while walking into work at Christ Church of Oak Brook, and I practically fainted in the parking lot.  I continued to read the email and learned that some of the other contributors would be Bruce Longenecker, Lynn Cohick, James D.G. Dunn, and some unknown/random guy named N.T. WRIGHT!


After crying, jumping up and down, calling my husband and my family, and practically pulling myself up off the ground in the parking lot, I replied back that it would be an honor (and that was an understatement!).  So here we have it folks.  It’s here.

If you’d like to read, you can get your copy here.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be on cloud 9 for the next month.

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