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My Story

I am a Millennial and I still love the church.

Like many other Millennials, I’ve had moments of frustration, discouragement, and even despair when it comes to the predominately white church and what is known as the evangelical church in North America.

I’ve watched my friends walk away from the church in droves, and I have watched many deconstruct to the point of almost no faith at all. At times, I can hardly say I blame them.

We – the church – are a far cry from the radiant witness of the early church. I’ve watched God’s people choose allegiance to a political party over the King of Kings. I’ve watched the church ignore the voices of men and women of color. I’ve seen women with gifts to teach, preach, and lead be silenced and marginalized in the church.

Jesus believed we can do better. And I believe we can be the church Jesus says we can be.

As a Pastor, I long to see those who have one foot in and one foot out of the church have a restored hope. I ache to see those who have participated in decaying, harmful, and oppressive oppressive systems to name, confess, lament, and repent.

Call me a “prisoner of hope,” but I believe if we do this, we will see the greatest revival of our generation.

I have pastored in churches across North America, and most recently I served as the Senior Pastor at “PazNaz” in Pasadena, California. I now reside in Chicagoland with my husband, Jeff, and our two boys, Caleb and Noah. I serve as a pastor at Christ Church in Oak Brook, IL.

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