40 Days of Being a 6

40 Days of Being a 6

Enneagram Daily Reflections

“When I discovered I was an Enneagram Six, I didn’t want to be one.” Pastor Tara Beth Leach continues, “I hated that I was marked by fear.” At the same time she reflects that she does resonate with the experience of fear and anxiety that can plague a Six―whether they are pulling back from or diving right in to the things that feel threatening. She explores what it means for her to be a redeemed Six who is allowing Jesus to transform her a little at a time. Whether you are a Six, have a Six wing, or have a friend or spouse who is a Six, you will find wisdom here as Tara Beth explores her own journey of deepening self-understanding through the Enneagram. To take you deeper, each of these forty daily readings concludes with a prayer, a spiritual practice, or a reflection question.

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“In this beautiful offering of reflections, Tara Beth takes each Six by the hand and leads us through the promises of God from fear to faith-filled courage, from distrust to deep, abundant life.”

Ashlee Eiland

Author of and Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church

“Hooray! Tara Beth has done it.  She has rescued the Enneagram from drifting into another clinical personality theory projected onto the broad swath of humanity.”

Aj Sherrill

Auth of The Enneagram for Spiritual Formation

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